About the blog

A Balancing Act and a Dream is Chris Hall’s exploration into the art of storytelling through video, pictures, music, and writing.  He hopes to improve his craft through constant practice.  The audience may be non-existent, but the joy is still there in the performance.


About the blogger

Chris Hall is an engineer by day and hopefully some creative dude by night.  He was once mesmerized when listening to a monologue while driving along I-84 and decided then and there to try to be mesmerizing himself.  You can catch him performing in Hartford on occasion at Other People’s Stories, The MOuTH, and Speak Up: True Stories. Real People.   He’s also the founder of The Heart City Story Club, dedicated to help storytellers in and around Hartford to improve their craft.  He lives in Vernon, Connecticut, USA.


About the title

“A balancing act and a dream” is a paraphrase of some guy making some point about storytelling.  A story is not the event itself, but our interpretation of the event.  It’s also apparently a unique blog name.  Thank you, Wikipedia.


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