Podcasting on a Wing and a Prayer

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 11.52.37 PM.pngSo, I’ve been working on the second episode of my latest podcast, Random Waves, and it’s slow going.  I have maybe 90 minutes of recordings from a roller derby “fresh meat” recruitment night, and I’m slogging through transcribing the audio.  I just finished eight pages of Peach Cobble-Her’s intro, covering 27 minutes, and I swear it took me three weeks to get through!!!

I hate transcribing.  But I understand it is necessary.  I just wish I could speed-type such that I don’t have to listen-pause-type-rewind-correct-rewind-repeat.

I’m on a deadline with this one.  The last day to apply to the next Transom Traveling Workshop is the 30th.  For those not in the know, transom.org hosts an eight week in-residence (Wood’s Hole, MA) workshop on radio production, NPR style, as well as week-long “traveling” bootcamp workshops around the country.  January’s workshop will be in NYC, and I’m going for it!  I’m hoping I can complete this podcast episode before the deadline, so that I have two work examples to choose from, instead of one.

And so, I slog with transcribing audio.  Wish me luck, yo!


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