Keep Listening

Earlier this evening, I checked out Julia Pistell’s “Syllable: The Reading Series” for the first time.  It’s a monthly get-together for writers to read their work.  My thing is not on the written page, but I really enjoyed going.

For one thing, the chairs are far more comfortable than at storytelling shows, and there was some sort of free drink involved (which will not be mentioned further, but appreciated nonetheless).  And it was great to listen to other people share their work.  I’m finding myself listening more and more again, which makes me happy.  I read somewhere recently that when storytellers hit their wall, they stop listening to other people’s stories (no, not that Other People’s Stories in particular!).  Frequent readers of this infrequent blog will note that my crabby self was hitting my own wall earlier this year, and I can relate.  Who wants to be reminded of how much better than you everyone else is, amiright?  Well, I’m coming out of that funk, and enjoying listening to other people that I can aspire to be as good as.

Speaking of which, I’ve recently expanded my podcast listening.  Have you heard of Radio Diaries or RISK?  Well, now you have.  Go check them out!




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