The Lesson I Keep On Learning

IMG_2024Shown on the left is my third place trophy from tonight’s Toastmasters District 53, Division E humorous speech contest.

Third. Place.

I so wanted to win this one.  I daydreamed about it.  I Googled the names of my competitors (one of them is a motivational speaker).  I went out and bought clothes for it.  I psyched myself up for it.

What I didn’t do was actually practice for it.

I got so nervous the day off that I rushed through my story, shaving a full minute off my time.  I didn’t give the audience the time to react.  I wasn’t polished like the guy who got first place.  I spent more time figuring out my outfit than figuring out my story.

I learned this lesson many times already.  I learned it at The Moth three times in the last year.  I learned it at Valley Voices.  Matt Dicks writes every morning.  Elna Baker writes every day.  If you want to be good, you’ve got to put in the hours.  All the good storytellers do.  And I want to be good.

So, I’m challenging myself here and now, if front of the two or three people who read these posts.  I’m going to write every day.  It’s going to be hard to do this, but I’m going to do this.  It’ll be a better use of my time than watching episodes of Victory at Sea.  Stay tuned, dear reader(s).  Stay tuned.

Victory at Sea is the bomb, though…


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