Lunar Eclipse, Schmunar Scheclipse

As I type this, I am purposely not going out side to see the OMGWTFSUPERBLOODMOONLUNARECLIPSEANDSTUFF.  I’m not gathering with friends.  I’m not making hot cocoa for the frigid 70 degree weather.  I am not taking a picture of it with my cell phone (pro tip:  the moon is a sunlit object.  Photograph accordingly).

When I was a boy, the family would go to MacLaren Field (or Loring Road, as we called it then) for Little League games all summer long.  One warm night, I saw my first red-moon eclipse.  The moon was full and low in the sky, so it had that illusion of appearing to be much bigger than it is.  To my, I don’t know, ten? year old self, I couldn’t figure out why the moon turned red-orange.  It was so not normal, and I knew that, considering all the hours I spent looking at the moon (including one very bad idea of looking at the full moon through a telescope — never do that!!!).

I asked my parents, pointed it out to other kids.  No one cared.  No one knew, other than guessing that the air was dusty.  These were the days before social media, when computers were only good for storing dinner recipes.  We were all ignorant back then, and I was left to wonder alone what the heck was going on.

I know about lunar eclipses nowadays, and seeing one now just wouldn’t be the same.

By all means, take your selfies with the moon.  Try to adjust your ISO accordingly though, eh?


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