“Work, Work, Work.”


I just finished watching my second documentary in two days.  Yesterday was “The Cruise,” which followed Speed Levitch, legendary tour guide, and tonight was “Comedian,” following Jerry Seinfeld and Orny Adams as they both develop their stand-up routines.  Both films are sticking with me.

What really got me in The Cruise was how Levitch really has his character down cold.  He’s got this well-worked schtick that all comes together through his language, clothes, mannerisms, and voice.  Pat Patterson calls it prosody — every bit coming together with the same message.

As for Comedian, beyond seeing how all the great performers in that film have such grateful attitudes compared to Orny, I keep going back to one bit of dialogue between Seinfeld and Colin Quinn, where Quinn tells him, “…you gotta work, work, work.”  Telling a man who had made it to the top of the game to continue to work, work, work.

In other news, I’ve started writing bit by bit during my lunch breaks at work.  Nothing serious yet — simply some starting points.  I’ve started a list of “kernels,” which are little scenes that, while by themselves do not make a story, can link together modularly to form stories.  It’s an idea given by Matt Dicks in his storytelling workshops.  I have 28 kernels so far, and one decent story idea from them already.  In addition, I wrote down a number of questions that I want to have fun writing Levitch-style answers to.  This guy is mad eccentric and this should be a silly and fun little game.

I’ve got my open mic on the 13th, so let’s see if I can get that new story idea ready!  More to come on that.


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