Snapchat for Storytelling?

So I read an online article a few weeks back about Snapchat and their new weekly show “Literally Can’t Even.”  Being a Snapchat show, each episode was available for only 24 hours at a time, once a week.  Miss an episode?  You’re SOL.

I was intrigued by this.  In today’s world, where you can access a whole season of House of Cards for months, here is a throwback to my younger days of television.  Every viewer needs to be watching their screens at (about) the same time to share in the experience.  Only here, there are no re-runs.  See the “SOL” comments in the previous paragraph.

I download Snapchat and realize that I missed the first episode.  But I catch the second.  Like the critics say, it sucks.  Like, literally can’t even not suck.  It’s horrible, but I can’t stop watching.  It’s so transitory.  So ephemeral.  I’m in a trap, I think.

I wonder how Snapchat can be used for storytelling.  Would people behave like me and gather together virtually to watch a story, like the old days of television (or, like the Superbowl still is)?

I’m going to start thinking about how I can use Snapchat.  One idea was to conduct a wide-area game of “Story Spine” (, where instead of each player telling their piece, they post a photo or video.  Everybody would need to watch the snaps together to keep track of the story.

Are you interested in participating in a Snapchat version of Story Spine?  Get a Snapchat account and get in touch with me!!


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