Story of a Story: “My Dad’s Story” (First Look)

Last night, I filmed myself practicing the “Military School” story in preparation for telling it tonight in my Advanced Storytelling workshop.  Check it out, whydontcha?

My version told in class tonight was very close to this, although it did clock in three minutes quicker.  I felt like I spoke really fast, though the class disagreed with me.  Go figure.

Some of the suggestions I received were:

  • I spend a lot of time setting up a moment before getting to it — explaining what will happen before letting it happen.  I should simply start in that moment.
  • Similarly, with my Dad’s story, I should tell the story more from his point of view.  3AM and the description of the base distract the audience.  It’s setting up the scene again.
  • The first anecdote, with the college fair, doesn’t serve the story well, and the class mis-interpreted what I wanted to say with it.  I’ll go find another anecdote to start with.  Make sure all the details either illuminate character or move the story forward.

I want to quickly do one iteration of this based off the feedback, and then focus on my book story, as I’ll be telling that one next week!


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