Story of a Story: “Military School” (The Idea)

This is the first post of a series of a series of posts, called “Story of a Story.”  I’ll be documenting a story as I write and continue to work on it.  Hopefully, in the end I’ll have a series of crafted stories under my belt.

Tonight, I’ll share for the idea for a story I’m calling “Military School.”  It’ll be a reworking of a story I did for Other People’s Stories a while back, which I think was the best one I’ve told there (at least, it got the best reaction).  I’ve wanted to tell this reworked story since last December, so I’m excited to work on it now!

It’s a story about my Dad and I, and my own insecurities surrounding what it means to be a man.  In it, I first think my father has decided that I’m not a “real” man, but then come to realize that I was mistaken.

This story currently uses four scenes, which will probably have to be cut down in order to make a six-minute time limit.  The scenes are 1) visiting the Merchant Marine Academy table at the college fair, 2) the “I’ll buy you the ticket to Canada myself” anecdote, 3) the awkward telling of said anecdote, and 4) the Tet Offensive story.

I’ve already practiced this out loud once or twice over the past week, so it’s a bit of a head start.  I’ll be practicing it again tonight in preparation for telling it in class tomorrow… let’s hope I have something decent to present!


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