Idea Vault: Portishead Short Film

I’ve recently watched Portishead’s short film “To Kill a Dead Man.”  Hey, you can watch it, too, while this link is still valid!

Now, while I’m not a fan, I like the idea of Portishead’s music being the backdrop of a moody short film — or is the term now emotive?  I will NOT be emo….  Anyways, I want to make a short film for which the soundtrack is only one complete Portishead song. I first had an idea like this when listening to Juliana Hatfield’s Bed while driving through Hartford, because, well, maybe I was temporarily insane at the time.  That album sucks.

The song I am thinking of is Undenied, which I think would make a good backdrop to a modern telling of The Tell-Tale Heart, or something like that.  All in black and white and expressionist.


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